You only have one shot to make it good
By H. Bumper Bauer

In the magazine trade photographs taken of a hunters kill are referred to as “Hero Shots” and when they are taken properly with the care and respect the animal is due they can provide the hunter with beautiful lasting memories of a special day when the Red Gods smiled on them.

But sadly often the reverse is true and what appears in the photos is a travesty that as years progress the hunter will wish he could change. I’m ashamed to admit it now but in the photograph taken of the first buck I killed at a northern Pennsylvania hunting camp I am holding the head up of a little six point with one hand, I have a cigarette hanging out of my mouth and a can of beer in my other hand. I was young and fell prey to the camp mischievousness never giving a thought to how special that moment was and the fact I may have a grandson one day to show that photo to.
Rule #1 Take your photo opportunity seriously

Today with the advent of digital photography cameras do not have to be expensive to provide good results. A little pocket sized one in the 5 to 8 mp. Range will be more than adequate. Many such cameras are also equipped with zoom lenses but a word of caution is due here. The more you zoom the lens the more depth of field (what will remain in focus at a given distance) you will lose and the quality of the photo can be severely impaired.
Rule #2 Become familiar with your camera and do not take it for granted that someone who offers to take the photo for you will understand its operation. Different cameras have different viewfinders in them and as we all know…what’s not inside that viewfinder when the shutter is pushed will NOT be in the picture.
Take the time to explain the cameras operation to them and have them take a lot of pictures. w